imagine you’re alone on top of a mountain in southern germany, the sun is setting. The wind blows. Not much, but enough to make your hair move. Suddenly you get an uneasy feeling. You look around, only to see nothing. You figure it’s just your imagination and continue walking. After a while, you think you hear something. You look around again, but there’s nothing. You take a few steps when you suddenly hear it again, this time louder.


You look around a third time - still nothing.


Is someone playing with you? Now your getting really uneasy.

“Who’s there?!” you shout.

“coo”, someone answers.

You slowly turn around, only to see a giant pigeon about two hundred meters away.


You take a few steps backwards, but the monster begins walking towards you, swaying like pigeons do. You turn around and run. No way you’re letting that monster catch you! You almost trip on a rock and notice how much the sun’s set. Another rock, but you manage to stay on your feet. You keep on running and tripping, too afraid to look back. Then it suddenly happens - you take a wrong step and fall. Panting heavily, you turn around. Slowly but steady, the pigeon monster is still following you. You pick upp the small rock you tripped on and throw it towards it. You don’t want to look at it, so you close your eyes and hide your face in your hands.

“Stay away from me, monster!” you scream.

You hear a sound and look up. The pigeon suddenly begin not flying, but running. And it’s fast. It’s already in front of you, bowing it’s head down in front of your fear-filled face. It studies you with it’s empty bird eyes.

“say that to my face, fucker”